EKOTRAX aims to lead the way in the transport sector in this fast-moving world. We therefore remain fully focused on new technologies, innovative solutions and trends as part of industry 4.0. You can see a summary of our most recent innovations below.

Waiting times

Waiting times are disadvantageous for both our customers and us. We have a solution with a well-considered approach, a solution for which we even received the 2019 ICT Truck Award.

Double loading area

By adding an aluminium structure horizontally in the loading space we can double the transport capacity in a flash from 33 to 66 pallets.

Management of empties

Reusable load carriers allow you to work more sustainably as well as creating considerable cost savings. Provided that this palox, pallet or Danish trolley is managed in a smart manner. Thanks to Avalanche software we can trace empties in real time from loading right through to delivery.

Higher loading area

By reducing the size of the wheels on our motors and trailers, we have managed to increase the height of our trailers by 10 cm. The result? A larger loading area, less journeys for the same volume of goods, plus a clear cost saving for our clients.

Data monitoring and sharing

Data is becoming increasingly important in this fast-moving digital world. As an innovative partner we have invested in the collection, surveillance and exchange of data. Such KPIs not only improve our own processes but also increase our clients’ efficiency.

Advanced software & hardware

Whether it’s temperature management via the smartphone, online fuel monitoring or innovative TMS systems, we use the most advanced software and hardware to develop an efficient and effective supply chain.