Waiting times

Sooner or later, every transport company will have to deal with it: waiting times. Of course, an extra quarter of an hour of waiting isn’t really a problem, but if this increases to more than one hour several times a day, it has a severe impact. It costs the customer and us a lot of money, especially when you have to deal with the pressure of a short logistics chain. We want to approach this sensibly.

The first step was to measure the waiting times. We integrated an app into our on-board computers and linked it to our software packages so that we can collect this information online and in real-time now.

The next step was monitoring and reporting. When one of our drivers has been waiting for a while, we immediately receive a notification. We can then contact the customer to find a solution. We have expanded this system so that the customer is also instnatly notified if the waiting time is exceeded.

The result? Waiting times are shortened and prevented, and the costs are reduced for the customer and us. Plus, drivers drive safer without the stress of having to catch up with the waiting time.

During the 2019 Transport & Logistics Award ceremony, we even had the opportunity to accept the ICT Truck Award in person.