EKOTRAX offers many benefits which can clearly add value to your transport assignments. We are delighted to highlight a few of these below.

Refrigerated and heated transport

EKOTRAX transports goods for companies across all the different industries. Including fresh food products (milk, cheese, yoghurt, meat, vegetables, fruit, etc.), plants, industrial goods and pharmaceutical products (medicines, solid or liquid raw materials, etc.). Thanks to our temperature-controlled trailers we can chill or heat to temperatures of between -25 and +25 °C. An advanced monitoring system also provides details of temperature in real time.

Flexible contracts

An tough logistical challenge? Looking for a long-term partner? EKOTRAX will provide a fast and high-quality solution. With us you are under no obligation to commit to rigid contracts with a minimum number of journeys. We make the difference with our flexibility and customisation.

National and international

From Belgium to Germany, Austria, France, etc. EKOTRAX covers many national and international destinations. Our experienced and well-trained drivers provide an impeccable service in loading, transporting and delivering goods.

Advanced technology

Whether it’s TMS and systems to manage empties like NaviTrans and Avalanche, on-board computers with the latest gadgets, smartphones for every driver, automated data sharing and fuel management, etc. EKOTRAX uses the most modern software and hardware. This ensures an efficient flow, the opportunity to track & trace in real time as well as clear reporting and analysis.

IFS and QS certificate

As the proud owner of the IFS and QS certificate, we guarantee food safety throughout the entire supply chain. With an efficient HACCP system, extensive quality management and a thorough focus on safety, this makes all our processes transparent, measurable and reliable.

Extensive fleet of lorries

EKOTRAX owns a modern and extensive fleet of 10 trucks and can also depend on a variety of reliable subcontractors. An additional strength is our permanent access to 30 Interim Cargo trailers (internal height 2.75 m, branded Chereau and Schmitz Cargobull). Furthermore, the truck wash at Interim Cargo allows us to keep on top of cleanliness and hygiene. By the way, did you know that we can also rent you these trailers, under the name Interim Cargo? Be sure to check out this website for more info..